Hi! My name is Olivia. I am a visual artist based out of Richmond, Virginia. I am currently working as a Content Producer at the disaster relief organization Mercy Chefs where I work in the field and behind the camera, telling stories of people in the midst of disaster and relief. 

For a full CV please email oliviaalexandrabolling@gmail.com



Editor on Mercy Chefs Feature Footage on ABCNL with Linsey Davis - 2023

Camera Operator & Producer on The Story From Lucy - 2022 

Assistant Director on Lay Down and Give Up - 2022 

Writer & Director for A Table Set - 2022

Production Assistant for GKids Belle Kylie McNeill performs - 2022

Camera Operator on Eternal - 2022

Producer for Blood by Peachy - 2021

Assistant Director Breakfast at the Bodega - 2020

Assistant Camera Vouge MET Gala Billie Porter - 2019 


"Bare Branches" featured in Silent Spark Press's Exemplary Poetry (Volume 15) -  2023

"But Later You Will Understand" featured in All Angels' Holy Week Devotional Booklet - 2022


Thanksgiving in Dallas, TX featured on FOX Weather - 2023

Awards & Accolades

Sticky featured at MUTUALS event by Friends of Friends Collective - Nov 17, 2023

Capstone Award of Excellence for Best Original Screenplay - 2021

Best Student Short Brooklyn Independent Film Festival "Sticky"- 2020

Interview for Empire State Tribune "On the Fringe: Olivia Bolling’s Cinematic Renaissance" - 2020

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